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What is galvanize?

gal·va·nize 1. stimulate somebody to act 2. coat metal with zinc Uses of galvanize in sentences: The inflammatory speech will galvanize the the political p (MORE)
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What is galvanization?

Galvanization, a general term, is either the work of covering with metal by the use of a galvanic current or the coating of iron or steel with zinc to protect it from rusting. (MORE)

How does galvanization work?

Galvanization is the process to prevent rust on certain materials.This process is used on steel and iron by placing a zinc coating onthem.

How do you remove galvanize?

To remove galvanize, practically any acid can be used. Using muriatic acid is a good way to remove galvanize. It does not matter whether it is electroplated, hot dip or galvan (MORE)

What is a galvanized nail?

a galvanized nail is a nail that has got a zinc anti detterent on it this prevents the rusting of the nail and is used for construction

How do you Galvanize metal?

There are couple ways to galvanize metal, but both of themtypically involve coating iron or steel with zinc oxide. This canbe done through individual means using electroplatin (MORE)
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What is galvanized batteries?

Alkaline batteries are called that on account of containing metals out of the Alkali group. They're a subgroup of Galvanic batteries.

Who invented galvanization?

From Wikipedia: Originally, galvanization was the administration of electric shocks (in the 19th century also termed Faradism , after Michael Faraday). It stemmed from G (MORE)

What is galvanic cell?

A galvanic cell is an electric cell that generates an electromotiveforce by an irreversible conversion of chemical to electricalenergy.