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What is a galvanometer?

a device designed to measure small electric currents; the simplest electric meter Galvanometer is... . A galvanometer is an instrument for detecting and measuring small elect ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of galvanometers?

Galvanometers are very sensitive ammeters and will detect very small current flows. They are generally used in experiments where it is necessary to detect small current flow ( Full Answer )
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What is tangent galvanometer?

\nT.G is a device used for determination of the horizontal component of the magnetic field of the earth,and the internal resistance of T.G \n. \nT.G consists of :\n1-coil of ( Full Answer )
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How does a galvanometer work?

Electricity passing through a wire coil creates a magnetic field which twists a suspended magnet and mirror. A light beam reflects off the mirror and onto a scale.
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How does ballistic galvanometer different from galvanometer?

Any galvanometer is a type of ammeter : and is a devise that is used for detecting and measuring an electric current. In essence, they are electromechanical (electri ( Full Answer )
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What is deadbeat galvanometer?

When current is passed throgh a galvanometer, the coil oscillates about its mean position before it comes to rest. . To bring the coil to rest immediately, the coil i ( Full Answer )
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How is a galvanometer sensitive?

GALVANOMETER detects very small currents in terms of milli amperes so it is said to be called as sensitive
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What was the applications of galvanometer?

It can be used to form ammeter measuring the current intensity , Voltmeter measuring the potential difference , ohmmeter measuring the resistance.