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How do you make huff paste?

Northern British name for an inedible paste made from flour and water, used to seal a casserole dish or similar pot whilst baking.   Place 8oz (225g) plain flour in a bowl (MORE)

Did both producers Gamble and Huff lie about Bobby Martin?

I am a big fan of producers Gamble & Huff, however they have both failed to honor or mention the legendary PIR (Philadelphia International Records) arranger and producer Bobby (MORE)

Is there gambling in Honolulu?

As of March 2011, gambling is illegal in Honolulu, and the entire state of Hawaii. A measure was proposed in 2011 which would legalize gambling in the Honolulu tourist distric (MORE)

Why don't producers Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff talk about Bobby Martin from Philadelphia International Records?

I am a member of the MFSB and I am a good friend of both producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff from Philadelphia International Records. I'd like to answer this question for the (MORE)

Why do you huff and puff during exercise?

More exercise=faster heartbeat, and faster heartbeat=more oxygen needed for the heart to pump all around the body, and that's basically why you breathe more quickly when doing (MORE)
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Does janice huff have children?

As of 2014 meteorologist Janice Huff did not have any children.  Janice currently works at WNBC in new York City.
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Is gambling a business?

  Definitely! Just think of the numerous casinos all over the world and all those "make your bet" web sites. For the compulsive gambler, however, this business usually m (MORE)

What are the effects of gambling?

Also called problem gambling, a gambling addiction, compulsive gambling, and pathological gambling, problem gambling is characterized by an urge to gamble, even in the face of (MORE)

What is Legalized Gambling?

Legalized gambling means that gambling services are allowed to be offered, promoted and advertized for mature residents and are delivered in full compliance with the legislati (MORE)