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Where the boys games?

I'm not absolutely sure what your saying, but i would say boys games are at gamestop. You can find them anywhere
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Where do they sell Game Boy games?

Try online auction sites such as Ebay or Craiglist. Or try a local retro games store near you. use the yellow pages to find one
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Can you play Game Boy Color games on Game Boy?

It depends on the game. Many games were released with color capabilities, but could still be played on a B&W GameBoy. The most notable of these I can think of off the top of m (MORE)
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Why girls are playing games with boys?

Because girls just wanna have fun :) Joking aside, girls do sometimes have interests similar to boys'. If a girl wants to grab a controller and play Call of Duty...let her h (MORE)

Can you play Game Boy games on PC?

yes and as far as i know so far all video game console games and hand held are playable before and including n64, ps2, nes, snes, ds, ps1, and i imagine that xbox games are (MORE)

Do Game Boy advance games work on the Game Boy?

  No Nintendo Game Boy Advance games may only be played on the following devices:   Game Boy Advance   Game Boy Advance SP   Game Boy Advance SP Mark II   Game (MORE)