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Is gamera real?

science doesnt know.i don't think so ive tried to find pictures but i just found a guy in a rubber costume
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Where did they send gamera?

In the first Gamera movie, the ship was to go anywhere away from here. You should have already knew this but he came back to Earth at some point and that's when the movie make (MORE)

Did Godzilla ever battle gamera?

No, Godzilla and Gamera never did or never will fight each other due to copy right laws. Godzilla is Toho, and Gamera is Daei. It could only happen if Toho buys Gamera off of (MORE)

How do you get gamera in Godzilla unleashed wii?

Gamera is not in Godzilla Unleashed so it is impossible to unlock in the game, because of copy right laws between Daei and Toho. Gamera`s wire skeleton is in the shipping vers (MORE)
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Who is gamera arch enemy?

gyaos the only monster gamera has fought more than once and has been in several movies
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Is there a movie called Godzilla vs Gamera?

no, alot of people have tried to answer that but, Godzilla is created by Toho, and Gamera was created Daei. But maybe, someone in the future will send a message to Daei, or To (MORE)
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Where can you find pictures on gamera?

Gamera is a popular character in the Godzilla series. Pictures of Gamera can be found for sale through Amazon and eBay. Pictures from the films can also be found on IMDB.
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