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What do gamers do?

Play PC or consol games deep into the night, then go to school without doing any homework and spend the evening in detention dreaming of how the beat the wozzall monster when ( Full Answer )
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How do you be a professional gamer?

Actually play the game and get better over time. Absolutely no such thing as becoming a pro overnight.
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How do you be a good gamer?

Well to be a good gamer, you must stay dedicated which means you must have alot time on your hands to perfect a game. First try mastering games on certain console for example ( Full Answer )
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How can you be a gamer?

no offense to whoever wrote this question but REALLY! i mean come ON first you have to have money to get your system from a DS to an XBOX and games and just play until youre o ( Full Answer )
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How do you get gamer pictures?

well no where u just have to order it bu if they did have it in the store it mite be tricky to find one!
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What is a gamers nickname?

A Gamer nickname is a name that is used to refer to them when playing with other people For example: on XBOX 360 you have to enter a gamer-tag which is your gamer nickname ( Full Answer )
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Who is the main gamer?

langenderfer666/pjers/ any gamer notifications will be required (new) email @ for any questions conntact me at that email, and please put your name und ( Full Answer )
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How can you be an good gamer?

Practice makes perfect and you could also go onto online forums where you can discuss and learn about the different tactics and strategies for that particular game. Also you c ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with gamers?

amer, beymer, bramer, cramer, damer, famer,flamer, framer, gramer, kamer, klamer , kramer,lamer, namer, pamer, paymer, raimer, ramer,raymer, stamer, tamer, weymer
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Why Are Gamers Fat?

If You Are An Ordinary Gamer You, Keep Up On The New Systems ,Games, Info And Get Overly Excited And If Ur Name Is A Month You Are Most Likely 2 Die Of Diabetes Type 3.4