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What is gamma decay?

Gamma decay is one of three main types of radioactive decay. The other two are alpha and beta. In gamma decay, particles known as gamma rays are emitted. Gamma rays are actual (MORE)
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What can a gamma ray do to you?

A gamma ray is highly energetic form of electromagnetic radiation, and gamma ray photons result from changes in atomic nuclei. This type of radiation is ionizing radiation, an (MORE)

What is gamma diversity?

  Gamma diversity (γ-diversity) is a measure of biodiversity. It refers to the total biodiversity over a large area or region. It is the total of α and β diversity.  (MORE)
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What is gamma made of?

If you mean gamma rays, which, for example, are produced in some forms of radioactive decay, then they are highly energetic photons; in other words they are a form of light. T (MORE)
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How do you get gamma rays?

Orign of Gamma Rays Gamma rays are part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Electromagnetic Radiation is VERY basically energy travelling in waves. One source of elect (MORE)
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What is Gamma personality?

Gamma Males: These kind of dudes are more or less self-reliant, self-motivated, and self-assured in their own personality that no one can change their ways. Some of these kind (MORE)

What gamma waves have?

Gamma waves have the shortest wavelength of any electromagnetic wave in the EM spectrum, the shortest wavelength means highest cyclic frequency, and highest intensity of any E (MORE)

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What are gamma emmisions?

Gamma rays are the very highest energy, shortest wavelength of the  electromagnetic spectrum. They are emitted during certain types of  radioactive decay and by high energy (MORE)