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What is a gander?

A gander is a male goose. It's an adult male goose (as in what's good for the goose is good for the gander).

What is a female gander?

A Goose. edit: a gander refers to a group of geese. Much like a pod of whales, a herd of cows, a murder of crows, and a pride of lions. A female gander refers to a group of (MORE)

What does gander mean?

The male form of geese. Male: Gander Female: Goose or like you took a gander at something or you took a quick look.

What is the opposite of gander?

A gander is the name of a male goose. A female goose is simply called that: a goose. So I guess the "opposite" would be a goose. The word gander is the gender noun for a male (MORE)

Gander and goose?

A ganger refers to a male, while goose refers to a female. A groupis called a flock of geese.

What is a young gander?

A gander is the term used for a male goose. A young gander is ayoung male goose. A very young goose would be called a gosling.

A female gander?

A male goose is called a gander while a female is called a goose. Ayoung goose is called a gosling.