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What is the purpose of a manger?

  A manger is a trough in which hay or animal feed is placed from which farm animals can feed.   In Luke's gospel when Jesus was born he was laid in a manger because th (MORE)

Is it true that 3 wise men traveled on camels from afar to visit Jesus in his manger?

Yes and No. The account at Matthew 2:1-18 tells us that "wise men" (also called 'Magi' or 'astrologers') from the 'east' came seeking "...the one born king of the Jews" . Th (MORE)

Who is JMEF in Mangere?

A gang full of Fat men that eat too much.   They are under southground Records and are known for thier song  'Missing you'

What is a garde manger?

  a garde manger is a chef responsible for cold food preparation like salads, and salad dressing, cold appetizers and similar dishes

What is avant garde?

Avant-garde is a French word meaning "vanguard" or "fore-guard"in military language. In science, it means "top of the art", and inart, indicates a style which seeks innovation (MORE)

Who were the 3 kings met baby Jesus at manger?

They were most likely astrologers (not in an occult way as today but more like modern day astronomers) probably from Persia (Iraq area in modern day terminology). Nowhere, how (MORE)

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Why is 3 wise men shown at the manger when it is not in the Bible?

That is just human thinking. The Bible does say that the wise men gave gifts to Jesus. Mat 2:11 And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His (MORE)

What types of food items is the garde manger responsible for preparing?

A person who is working the station-garde manger is responsible for a litany of food, appetizers, scratch sauces, split or emulsified vinaigrettes, carpaccios, terrines, pates (MORE)