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Does the Garden of Eden still exist?

Two more answers from our community:    No. It was destroyed in the flood mentioned in the book of Genesis  6-8.    No, it actually wasnt my dear friend. it's s (MORE)

Where is the Garden of Eden now?

Another answer from our community:    Nowhere on Earth now, since the Great Flood.
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When was the garden of Eden created?

When the garden of Eden was first built at the very beginning and at that time there was no time or no calendars for matter. So its very, very difficult to tell when the garde (MORE)

Why is the garden of Eden called the garden of Eden?

"Garden" (paradeisos(GK), Gan(HB))means "Park-like garden" or "Paradise". "Eden" means 'Pleasure, Delight'. So "Garden of Eden" means 'Paradise of Pleasure", where mankind (MORE)

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How does the Bible describe the Garden of Eden?

A few thoughts: The Garden of Eden was planted by God "toward the east" (Genesis 2:8), filled with plants and trees beautiful to look at and good to eat (Genesis 2:9+16), and (MORE)

Why were there two trees in the garden of Eden?

In Genesis 2:9, the King James Bible says "And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also i (MORE)