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How did the Gare Montparnasse derailment happen?

The Gare Montparnasse derailment incident happened when the Granville-Paris Express overran the stop buffer. A faulty brake and an engineer who was looking to make up time com (MORE)

How do you get from Gare Saint-Lazare to the Eiffel tower?

Not simple, this. You have to walk down to Metro saint-Augustin and travel on line 9, direction Pont de Sèvre, to Trocadéro. You could then take line 6, direction Nation, to (MORE)
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How do you get from Gare d'Austerlitz to Gare de Lyon?

  You can walk - the two stations are at opposite sides of the river, but not very far apart.   More practically (if you have luggage) you can go by bus - number 61 doe (MORE)

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What actors and actresses appeared in Les heures chaudes de Montparnasse - 1980?

The cast of Les heures chaudes de Montparnasse - 1980 includes: Pierre Bertin as himself Riva Boren as himself Blaise Cendrars as himself Jean Cocteau as himself Lumia Czekows (MORE)