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When did James Garfield die?

Garfield died at 10:35 pm on September 19, 1881 at  Elberon, New Jersey , from an infection after having been shot on  July 2, 1881 at Baltimore and Potomac railroad depot, (MORE)

Where was james garfield buried?

Garfield is buried in a huge fantastic tomb in Lakeview Cemetery in  Cleveland , Ohio. The tomb is well worth seeing if you ever come to  Cleveland between April 1 - Novembe (MORE)

What did James Garfield do before he was president?

Garfield worked his way through college as a school teacher and  preacher. After he got his degree. he worked as a college  instructor and later president of Hiram College f (MORE)

How long was James A Garfield president?

Garfield was in office from March 4, 1881 until his death on  September 19, 1881 or six months and 15 days.  Although he was incapacitated with a gunshot wound from July 2 o (MORE)
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When did James A. Garfield become president?

James Abram Garfield became president on March 4,  1881. Garfield was elected in November of 1880. 
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