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What color is Garnet?

Garnet is a beautiful shade of deep red, kind of like maroon but not so purple. Just think of red added with a tint of black.
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How expensive is garnet?

The prices of garnets vary greatly. Red garnet or pyrope garnet is more plentiful than other garnet species, so it is quite cheap. Retail prices can range from $3 to $50 per c (MORE)
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Where is garnet located?

Garnet is actually a group of minerals, some of which are very common and found all over the world. will list hundreds of localities for the common garnets like alm (MORE)
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Who was garnet?

It's not a person, it's a gem/birthstone...o.0 whoever wrote bill Cosby has serious problems :P no jk.
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What is an anthill garnet?

A garnet dug up by ants and deposited in their ant hill. Usually found in Arizona.
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Can garnets be mined?

Mined in the rock, or alluvially [ in stream beds ]. Alluvial gems are washed out by erosin or previous mining activity.
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How is a garnet uesd?

It's a stone used as a gem for jewelry etc. since looks similar to a ruby.
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What is the transparency of a garnet?

garnet is something that belongs to the month of january and it is transparent but some of them are opaque and i think there are differnt colors
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What is the location of a garnet?

A garnet is located in many places. They are Arizona, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Myanmar (Burma), Scotland, Switzerland, and Tanzania.
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What is vermelho garnet?

Vermelho Garnet is found in Mozambique, an exotic land far away on the eastern coast of Africa. A myriad of incredible gemstones and minerals. Among its treasures is the beaut (MORE)