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Which theatres were competing with the globe theatre?

There were a few known theatres around, including the Rose Theatre just down the street from the Globe, and the Hope and Swan, also in Southwark. Quite often companies perform (MORE)
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What was the Globe Theatre?

The Globe Theatre was a theatre in London, England. The Globe was  built in 1599 using timber from an earlier theatre. It was built by  members of William Shakespeare's play (MORE)

How do you spell theatre?

In most English speaking countries it is spelt THEATRE but in the USA the spelling is THEATER. The reversing of the RE at the end happens with some (but not all) English wor (MORE)

How did people behave at the Globe Theatre in Shakespeare's theatre?

Since there wasn't much to do at the time, people used to gather at the Globe Theatre whenever there was a Shakespear-play going on. (A kind of "social" thing) And people did (MORE)

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What was different about the design of the globe theatre compare to modern theatres?

In a modern theatre the audience sits opposite to the stage. In the globe the audience sits (partly) around the stage, in the manner of the ancient Greek theatres.
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What theatre was rival to the Globe theatre?

A theater farther up the Thames river called The Rose and another even further west called the Swan were the Globe's main competition south of the river. The main competitors (MORE)

What is the History of Theatre?

The history of theater dates back in the 6th century BC. The first  theater was established in Greece when cult ceremonies were held  and female devotees dance themselves in (MORE)
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From what was the Globe Theatre built?

While no one has sketched the Globe Theatre or described its  structure, the structure of other Elizabethan amphitheatres gives a  fair enough indication of the materials an (MORE)