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What did William garrison do?

William Lloyd Garrison (1805 â?? 1879) was a prominent  abolitionist, social reformer and activist/journalist. He was also  known as the founder, editor and publisher of â (MORE)

What are the three garrisons?

The first garrison likes to crap all over his mom's face because he likes to play with watchita milk in his underwear. The second garrison likes to eat nerds while crapping al (MORE)
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What is a Garrison Commander?

Garrison Commander is the person that facilitate the project of the  troop. The troop is responsible for building properties and to  watch over the welfare of the people in (MORE)

How big is a garrison?

A garrison does not have a specific size. It is a force of soldiers assigned to guard a certain place such as a town or road. The term garrison is generally used to mean a for (MORE)
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What is a garrison flag?

20x38 ft US flag it is raised at all military bases on special occasions and Sundays otherwise the post flag is flown it is 10x19ft and in severe weather the storm flag 5x9.6
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What is an analogy of garrison?

If you're using the word as a noun, a fort might be considered analogous to a garrison. If you're using the word as a verb (as in: to garrison troops at a particular locatio (MORE)
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Where is The Garrison located?

There are at least two districts known as The Garrison. The first is the town of Garrison in the Hudson Valley north of New York City. The other is a historic district in th (MORE)
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What does garrison mean?

Garrison refers to a protective shield or barricade create by  troops in an effort to protect and defend.