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What is a gas?

Answer   Gas is one of the three major states of matter, consisting of freely moving atoms or molecules without a definite shape.   There are lots of gasses, here are (MORE)

Why is black pipe used for natural gas lines?

Natural gas is corrosive and black pipe does not corrode so there is no debris to clog the lines. A more common form of gas pipe is corrogated stainless steel. Especially in r (MORE)

Do black eyed peas cause gas?

Yes, and the odor is pungent. Just ask my dog. She's next to me in the bed wondering where that smell is coming from. I ate half a can earlier today!
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What snakes are indigenous to atlanta ga...I found a small black snake with a yellow ring around it's neck...does anyone know what it is?

That is a ring neck snake. It is harmless to anything other than other small snakes, worms, etc. and highly non-aggressive. Even though they are very common, due to their smal (MORE)