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What causes black smoke or blue smoke in gas engines?

Black smoke is caused by over-fuelling or excess fuel in the combustion chamber. It can also be caused by insufficient air during the combustion of the air/fuel mixture. Check (MORE)

Why is black pipe used for natural gas lines?

Natural gas is corrosive and black pipe does not corrode so there is no debris to clog the lines. A more common form of gas pipe is corrogated stainless steel. Especially in r (MORE)

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Why would black smoke come from the exhaust when the gas is pushed to the ground?

%REPLIES%    Answer   Black smoke is an indication of to much fuel or too rich a mixture,when flooring the excelerator you have a waste of unburned fuel,it is better (MORE)

Can black iron pipe be use for natural gas water heater?

only for the gas connections , not for the water connections because if you do hook up black iron pipe for a water connection you could possibly have a little flood years late (MORE)