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What planets are gaseous planets?

A gas giant (sometimes also known as a Jovian planet after the planet Jupiter, or giant planet) is a large planet that is not primarily composed of solid matter. There are fou (MORE)

What is gaseous solution?

A gaseous solution is when two or more gases are mixed together and become uniformly intermingled.  The atmosphere is a gaseous solution. It consists of nitrogen, oxygen, ar (MORE)

What planet is not gaseous?

  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Pluto are not gaseous. Pluto is sometimes not regarded as a planet. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are gaseous, although the latte (MORE)
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What is gaseous cycle?

In a gas cycle elements move through the atmosphere. Main reservoirs are the atmosphere and the ocean. Gas Cycles: Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen

What are gaseous elements?

  Answer   They are elements that are in the gas phase under normal temperature and pressure (1 atmosphere of pressure at 273 K). The gaseous elements are: hydroge (MORE)

Is Venus gaseous?

No. Venus has a dense atmosphere - much denser than Earth - but it also has a surface, just like Earth.
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What are gaseous solutions?

When multiple gases are combined and become uniformly mixed a  gaseous solution is formed. An example of a gaseous solution is the  atmosphere.