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How do you get rid of extra gasoline from a gasoline can?

If the extra gas is in something you can't pour (i.e. a gas tank in your car), you may wish to siphon the gas out of the tank. There are a couple different methods of doing th (MORE)

What is pH of gasoline?

  The pH concept as it is ordinarily applied has relevance to water solutions. Plain gasoline and water do not mix to form a solution. Thus, pH does not apply to hydro (MORE)

What is gasoline made of?

Oil is the main source of gasoline and is composed of many different hydrocarbons in varying ratios. Gasoline is composed of 20% C8H18, 20% C9H20, 15% C10H22, 15% C11H24, 8% (MORE)

Who created gasoline?

Actually, gasoline was never really "invented." It is a natural  by-product of petroleum. Kerosene was the main product. Gasoline  was first used as a solvent. What was inve (MORE)

Cost of gasoline?

The true cost of gasoline from a manufacturing standpoint is very low. The white gas is what is left over from all refining processes. It is because of all the profits from pr (MORE)

What is the use of gasoline?

Mainly it's used as a fuel for cars - so to speack tech: it's used as a fuel for internal combustion engines.
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Why is there ethanol in your gasoline?

Ethanol is primarily used to oxygenate the gas and replace the chemical MBTE, which pollutes groundwater. HOWEVER, since most ethanol in the US comes from corn, it is importan (MORE)
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Why is gasoline called gasoline?

Gasoline is called Gasoline because we call it Gasoline. Or is it called Gasoline because it IS Gasoline - Existentialism