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How do you get rid of extra gasoline from a gasoline can?

If the extra gas is in something you can't pour (i.e. a gas tank in your car), you may wish to siphon the gas out of the tank. There are a couple different methods of doing th (MORE)

What is the formula for gasoline?

Gasoline is composed of 20% C8H18, 20% C9H20, 15% C10H22, 15% C11H24, 8% C6H6, 10% C7H8, 10% C8H7 and 2% C8H10 by mass. The Specific Gravity of Gasoline is .74 Answer: There (MORE)

Is gasoline a barbiturate?

No. Barbiturates are medications known as "downers" that are central nervous depressants. Gasoline is not technically a drug, but when it is used recreationally it fits under (MORE)

Does gasoline have carbon?

Yes. Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons, which are organic compounds that contain carbon and hydrogen atoms.
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Why does gasoline ignite?

Gasoline ignites because gasoline is flammable. (simple answer) A more detailed answer would be. Gasoline produces flammable vapors at a much lower temperature than almost an (MORE)
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Why is gasoline called gasoline?

Gasoline is called Gasoline because we call it Gasoline. Or is it called Gasoline because it IS Gasoline - Existentialism