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What is a gastrectomy?

Surgical removal of all or part of the stomach. It's most often used for cancer of the stomach, but also sometimes for ulcers, holes in the stomach wall or polyps.
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How is a gastrectomy done?

Gastrectomy for gastric cancer is almost always done by the traditional "open" surgery technique, which requires a wide incision to open the abdomen. However, some surgeons us ( Full Answer )
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How should patients be prepared for a gastrectomy?

Before undergoing gastrectomy, patients may need a variety of tests, such as x rays, computed tomography scans (CT scans), ultrasonography, or endoscopic biopsies (microscopic ( Full Answer )
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What characteristics does a successful gastrectomy have?

Overall survival after gastrectomy for gastric cancer varies greatly by the stage of disease at the time of surgery. For early gastric cancer, the five-year survival rate is u ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of a gastrectomy?

Gastrectomy is performed for several reasons, most commonly to remove a malignant tumor or to cure a perforated or bleeding stomach ulcer.
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What risks are associated with gastrectomy?

Depending on the extent of surgery, the risk for postoperative death after gastrectomy for gastric cancer has been reported as 1-3% and the risk of non-fatal complications as ( Full Answer )
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What surgical methods are used for gastrectomies?

using the traditional open surgery technique, which requires a wide incision to open the abdomen. However, some surgeons use a laparoscopic technique
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What type of gastrectomy is done for cancer?

Removal of the tumor, often with removal of the surrounding lymph nodes, is the only curative treatment for various forms of gastric (stomach) cancer.
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Is gastrectomy a gastric resection?

Yes it means resection of the stomach. When part of the stomach is removed it is called partial gastrectomy and when the whole stomach is removed, it is called total gastrecto ( Full Answer )
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What does gastrectomy mean?

Gastrectomy is surgery of the Stomach. It can be Partial Gastrectomy when a part of the stomach is removed or Total Gastrectomy when the whole Stomach is removed.