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What is gastric residue?

I believe that is "oily" farts. This commonly happens with a certain diet drug. if you see that gastric residue has increased in preterm neonates at 3 to 10 days after birth ( Full Answer )
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What is a gastric protease?

It is an enzyme that is produced in the stomach and used to digest proteins to polypeptides. It works best in acidic conditions
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What is gastric mucosal?

The gastric mucosa is located in the stomach. In humans the gastricmucosa is approximately 1 mm thick with a smooth and soft surface.
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What is gastric segmentation?

"In this process, rings of smooth muscle in the wall repeatedly contract and relax. The result is a back-and-forth movement that mixes digested material and forces it against ( Full Answer )
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What is a gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass surgery makes the stomach smaller and causes food to bypass part of the small intestine. You will feel full more quickly than when your stomach was its original ( Full Answer )
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What is gastric lavage?

Is the removal of stomach content by inserting a tube through the nostril down to the throat to posing. Its when the nurse or doctor inserts a nasogastric tube into one of the ( Full Answer )
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How does gastric occurs?

It occurs when you start to use the internet 24/hr. Symptoms - Urine is in rainbow colors. - Pooping unicorn.
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Is there no cure for gastric?

There is no "cure" for gastric flu or any other type of flu. Flu shots you get are preventative medicine, they do not cure you of anything. With any flu, you want to drink pl ( Full Answer )
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What does the gastric juice do?

The hydrochloric acid and pepsin that the body produces andsecretes into the stomach break down and dissolve foods so thatmuch of them can be absorbed into the body through th ( Full Answer )