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What does gastritis mean?

It means an inflammation of the stomach. Gastro- = stomach + -itis = inflammation. It doesn't say why however.
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How do you overcome gastritis?

Gastritis is an acute condition, which means that it is very active. The best choice for your own well-being is to see a doctor. Also, since gastritis is a general term, it wo (MORE)

What are medicines for gastritis?

  There are many. Most try to decrease stomach acid. Some are calledd H2 blockers since they block a type of histamine, one example of this is Zantac. Others are PPI or pr (MORE)
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How is gastritis diagnosed?

H. pylori gastritis is easily diagnosed through the use of the urea breath test. This test detects active presence of H. pylori infection. Other serological tests, which may b (MORE)