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What does gastritis mean?

It means an inflammation of the stomach. Gastro- = stomach + -itis = inflammation. It doesn't say why however.
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How do you overcome gastritis?

Gastritis is an acute condition, which means that it is very active. The best choice for your own well-being is to see a doctor. Also, since gastritis is a general term, it wo ( Full Answer )
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What are medicines for gastritis?

\nThere are many. Most try to decrease stomach acid. Some are calledd H2 blockers since they block a type of histamine, one example of this is Zantac. Others are PPI or proton ( Full Answer )
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How can gastritis be cured?

Simple gastritis can be cured by a course of PPI e.g. omeprazole or H2 receptor antagonists e.g. ranitidine.
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What can you eat with gastritis?

bland foods. Nothing spicy. stay away from tomato and citrus. With gastritis your digestive system is inflamed you have to try to calm it down.
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What is a antral gastritis?

Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach. The antrum is the lower half of the stomach. It is also the part that secrete most of the stomach acid. Antral gastritis is the i ( Full Answer )
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How do prevent gastritis?

Gastritis is the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. This can be caused due to many reasons. Indigestion, Irregular dietary habits, spicy food. Here are some simple ( Full Answer )
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Can gastritis be prevented?

The widespread detection and treatment of H. pylori as a preventive measure in gastritis has been discussed but not resolved.
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How is gastritis diagnosed?

H. pylori gastritis is easily diagnosed through the use of the urea breath test. This test detects active presence of H. pylori infection. Other serological tests, which may b ( Full Answer )
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How does gastritis start?

Gastritis results from an infection in the gastrointestinal tract. There is some evidence that the consumption of alcohol reduces the severity of the disease because of its an ( Full Answer )