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What is gastroenteritis?

  Answer   Inflamation of the intestine, typically the large intestine.   Gastroenteritis can be caused by anything that inflames the stomach and small intestine. (MORE)

How gastroenteritis transmitted?

Gastroenteritis is transmitted by fecal-oral route. Feces are transmitted to another person through infected water, hands or flies.
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How do you treat gastroenteritis?

Drink lots of fluids the first 24 hours. Jello and popcyles are good too! but dont drink your liquids to fast you want them to absorb into the body instead of letting it buil (MORE)

What should you do if you have gastroenteritis?

If you have gastroenteritis, you should: . Get at least two tablespoons/one ounce/30 cc of fluid every 15 minutes . Advance diet as tolerated; don't just eat bananas, rice, (MORE)