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How are gastrointestinal diseases caused?

Here are some primary causes Eating a diet low in fiber Not getting enough exercise Traveling or other changes in routine Eating large amounts of dairy products Being stress (MORE)

What organ of the gastrointestinal tract has no function?

All the true organs of the gastrointestinal tract have a function. However there is one small part of the Large Intestine called the Cecum (where the Illeum of the Small Intes (MORE)
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What are gastrointestinal ulcers?

Exactly what they sound like. Ulcers in the intestines: A sore open wound where there should NOT be one. They look like a cut or cold sore inside the persons guts. It allow (MORE)
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What are gastrointestinal losses?

Gastrointestinal losses refers to losing fluid, electrolytes, blood, protein or other substances through the stool.
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