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What is a wire gauze and how is it used?

Wire gauze can be used to support a container (such as a beaker orflask) during heating. When the bunsen burner flame is beneath it,with a tripod, the wire gauze helps to spre (MORE)
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Wire gauze functions?

Wire gauze can be used to support a container (such as a beaker or flask) during heating. When the Bunsen burner flame is beneath it, with a tripod, the wire gauze helps to sp (MORE)
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Can you eat with the gauze in your mouth?

If the gauze is in your mouth from a dental procedure, then you will need to follow the directions from the dentist for when and what and how you should eat. There should be a (MORE)
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What is plaster gauze?

Plaster gauze is a type of gauze with plaster infused that is commonly used for art to make masks and things of that nature. It is also how they do casts for broken bones.

When was gauze invented?

Gauze was invented in Palestine and was traditionally woven from  raw silk. It was originally used for clothing, but is now used for  medical dressing usually.
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Why is gauze used?

Gauze is used to pack wounds, and also for debridement and wicking. It is especially desirable for packing deep wounds.
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How is gauze sterile?

Sterile means that there are no germs or bacteria on it. Usually gauze pads come sterile which means they are clean. The will not be sterile if the container is torn open befo (MORE)