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Why do gazelles migrate?

Gazelles migrate because where they live can get too hot or too cold for them, so they have to move to a different place to live, but cheetahs are usally looking for one that' (MORE)

What is the habitat of the gazelle?

Hot dry savannah, thick grass and thorny bushes with watering holes and long plains of yellow grasses. They live in Africa too and often live amongst wilder beast and zebra
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What are facts about gazelles?

  Gazelle, a small antelope noted for its grace and speed, and for its large, lustrous eyes. There are a number of species found in tropical and subtropical regions of Asi (MORE)

What eats a gazelle?

mostly Lions and cheetah. sometimes snakes will prey on them, if they get close enough.

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What do gazelles eat?

Gazelles vary their diet dependent on season and other environmental factors. A gazelle's diet usually consists of herbs, grasses and shrubbery.
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Where is the gazelle from?

Gazelles are in the sub-family Antilopinae, the highest  concentration of species in that sub-family is in East Africa, but  there are species in the sun-family Antilopinae (MORE)