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Does Geddy Lee smoke?

No, he does not. In his younger days, he was one of many musicians who smoked cigarettes. But as he got older, married, and had kids, he wanted very much to quit smoking cigar (MORE)

Is Geddy Lee of Rush married?

Yes. He has been happily married to his wife Nancy since 1976. Thetwo were long-time sweethearts before they married. They have twochildren, a son Julian and a daughter Kyla.
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Did Geddy Lee have plastic surgery?

Not as far as I know. Geddy has a very distinctive appearance, and he is proud of it (as he should be). He has never tried to look different, other than adapting to certain st (MORE)

On what song did Geddy Lee play a 5 string bass?

He played his 5 string on Lock and Key. Period. I cannot remember where but I read in an interview with Geddy that Lock and Key was the 1 time he has used a 5 string. Counterp (MORE)

In what non-Rush songs does Geddy Lee perform?

Geddy is best known for his guest vocals on the 1981 hit song "Take Off" by Bob and Doug McKenzie (actually Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas). In 1985, he participated in the Cana (MORE)

Does geddy lee play drums?

No, Geddy is known for playing bass and keyboards. But there have been times he did try to play drums... although he is perfectly happy to leave that job to Neil Peart.
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