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What is a gee?

A gee is the jacket worn by martial arts participants. Ghee, if that's what you meant, is clarified butter used in cooking. It basicallly means 'wow', so say someone said "I l ( Full Answer )
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Where were the Bee Gees from?

They were born in Douglas, in the Isle of Man, which is part of the British Isles.
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Who is Maurice Gee?

He is a New Zealand author; He has written many books, including the recent movie Under The Mountain. Some of his other well known books are 'Salt' and 'The Fat Man' The latte ( Full Answer )
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Who were in the bee gees?

Brothers Gibb Barry Maurice Robin They had another brother, Andy, who had a solo career
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Who is hippo gee?

James dressman "Jake" he is currently a hippo and he is available and lives in the waters of footbuttcarson with a broken leg. hippos need loving too so hit him up @ the numbe ( Full Answer )
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Who is tarzan gee?

tarzan gee is Daniel Robert he is currently indisposed in the waters of headfootcolby he lives by himself with his monkey family howling at the moon every morning............. ( Full Answer )
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What is Gee Bee?

A gravity bong. It is used to smoke weed. Basically, it is just a water bottle with a socket melted into the lid to use as a bowl. A hole is burned in the bottom and the bottl ( Full Answer )
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Where can one download the movie Gee Gee?

You can't download this film online. You can try to stream it from services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix. Alternatively, you can purchase the film on DVD from retailers suc ( Full Answer )
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Is gee a preposition?

No. it is not. The word "gee" is an interjection (utterance). Originally, it may have been a euphemism for "Jesus"(exclamation of surprise or astonishment).