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What is gel nail?

  It's a pretty broad collections of polymers that contain a photo-initiator. They are applied to a prepared nail surface and "set" in a lamp, a box with UV light bulbs. N (MORE)
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What is Tpu gel?

A type of plastic used for phone cases that has a slightly rubbery, "grippy" feel.
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What is gel electrophoresis used for?

used to separate macromolecules, either nucleic acids or proteins, on the basis of size, electric charge, and other physical properties. Separating strands of DNA
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What is profenid gel?

Pain killer gel available in Europe. I was recommended to use it for back pain/pinched nerves, etc. Available thru online retailers from Mexico ~$13.00
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What does the gel in a 'vacutainer' tube consists of?

Some vacationers contain additives coated along the inside of the  container without any gel. The gel in a vacationer is an  intermediate density between blood cells and ser (MORE)

Who created gel electrophoresis?

Precise information about invention of gel electrophoresis is not known. However, the first documented use of the profess was in the early 1930's (with sucrose). In 1959, Mila (MORE)

Why silica gel acts as catalyst?

Because of the following reasons : 1- The big surface area of the silica gel (up to 800 square meter for one gram) . 2- Silica gel ability to adsorb many other substances & co (MORE)

Do silica gel packets expire?

Silica Gel absorbs 40% of it's weight in moisture and works until  it's fully absorbed. So if you have old or used Silica Gel chances  are they are fully absorbed already.  (MORE)

What is a gel battery?

Batteries contain something called electrolyte. In things like car batteries the electrolyte is often a liquid, which can be messy since liquids can leak. A gel battery is sim (MORE)