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What is perfume gel?

It usually comes in a small container, similar to a lip bake container. It may look like petroleum jelly however it will have a distinct fragrance. Instead of squirting and sp (MORE)
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what is the gel in Gel Electrophoresis?

For larger molecules like proteins we use polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). For smaller pieces like DNA we use agarose gel electrophoresis
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What is gel nail?

  It's a pretty broad collections of polymers that contain a photo-initiator. They are applied to a prepared nail surface and "set" in a lamp, a box with UV light bulbs. N (MORE)
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What is Tpu gel?

A type of plastic used for phone cases that has a slightly rubbery, "grippy" feel.

What is sure gel?

Sure-Jell is a product made by Kraft. It is a pectin that is used  in jellies and jams to help thicken them up.

What is edible gel?

Edible gel is a term used for any gel that can safely be eaten.  Such gels are used in many recipes such as fruit jellies, fruit  salads, and cake frostings.
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What is Nuru gel?

Real nuru gel is a slippery, clear, non-toxic water-based massage gel made from nori seaweed. It is VERY hard to find and takes about 20 minutes to prepare. Chemical alternat (MORE)

What is gel strength?

The gel strength refers to the mass in grams necessary to depress a  standard plunger (AOAC) of 4 mm diameter into the gel at a gelatin  concentration of 6.67% after 17 hour (MORE)

What is a gel in chemistry?

A gel is a substance this is mostly a liquid, but behaves as a solid due to cross-linking bonds (usually due to polymerization) that exists in the overall structure. To show (MORE)

What is a gel battery?

Batteries contain something called electrolyte. In things like car batteries the electrolyte is often a liquid, which can be messy since liquids can leak. A gel battery is sim (MORE)