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Which Neopet items are wearable for gelerts?

Alien Aisha Ears, dung, black derby, Daring Adventurer Hat, Explorer Backpack, Pretty Pink Flower Hat, Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol, Smarmy Monocle, Spectacles o (MORE)

Who is gelert the dog in beddgelert?

Gelert was the mythical favourite hunting dog of Llewellyn the Great, the last King of a united, independent Wales in the 13th Century. The well-known Welsh legend tells a tra (MORE)
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How do you say bed Gelert in Welsh?

Bear-th Gel-air-t........The Gel is said like Get is,not a J sound like in hair gel. Beddgelert According to legend, the stone monument in the field marks the resting place o (MORE)

Are any parts true of the legend of gelert?

Historians don't think the legend is true. There are other stories from other cultures that tell a similar tale but use different animals. It's just a fable. The "grave" of (MORE)
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Is the gelert story true?

There is no evidence either way, except: . The legend is carved into stone near the town of Bleddgelert, Nortwest Wales. The element of the story that makes it unlikely (MORE)