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Which Neopet items are wearable for gelerts?

  Alien Aisha Ears, dung, black derby, Daring Adventurer Hat, Explorer Backpack, Pretty Pink Flower Hat, Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol, Smarmy Monocle, Spectacles of Perc (MORE)

Who is gelert the dog in beddgelert?

Gelert was the mythical favourite hunting dog of Llewellyn the Great, the last King of a united, independent Wales in the 13th Century. The well-known Welsh legend tells a tra (MORE)
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How do you say bed Gelert in Welsh?

Bear-th Gel-air-t........The Gel is said like Get is,not a J sound like in hair gel. Beddgelert According to legend, the stone monument in the field marks the resting place of (MORE)

Are any parts true of the legend of gelert?

Historians don't think the legend is true. There are other stories from other cultures that tell a similar tale but use different animals. It's just a fable. The "grave" of (MORE)
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Is the gelert story true?

There is no evidence either way, except: The legend is carved into stone near the town of Bleddgelert, Nortwest Wales. The element of the story that makes it unlikely is the (MORE)