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What is gender?

The term gender is ambiguous. Some use gender to be a synonym forthe word sex. Your physical gender, or sex, is what reproductiveparts you have. Gender Identity is the i (MORE)

What is your Gender?

Gender means that you are either a boy or a girl. Some people consider a person's sex to be what parts they have, but consider the gender to be who you are. So some consider g (MORE)

Can you have a different gender and gender identity?

That is the reason for the two distinct terms. Gender identity is not always the same as the person's physical sex. In some cases, the biological basis may also be unclear. (MORE)

Why do we have genders?

Because of the need to survive and reproduce the species. Nature needed a man to be a provider, protector, and a source of sperm. Nature also needed a woman to have children, (MORE)
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Why is a gender called a gender?

because it was originaly called a sex but "sex" was too inapropriat for kids so they came up with a new word for the same meaning Andrew s