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What is a gene?

Gene The central dogma of genetics was that one gene coded for one enzyme this was later altered to one gene coded for one polypeptide. As we learn more about genetics, th (MORE)

What does a gene do?

A gene is a chemical reading of your body's mix of proteins and amino acids in your DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid). A gene doesn't really DO any thing, it really tells you h (MORE)

What is a gene and what does it do?

A gene is a segment of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that contains information for making proteins, which carry out traits that are passed down from a parent or parents that mak (MORE)
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What is the genes?

Fisrtly, we add a bed. Secondly, subtract the clothes. Thirdly, Divide the legs. Inconclusion, pray there shalt be no multiplication. >xD

What are genes for?

Genes contain building instructions for stem cells. They tell the cells what they are going to be ie: a liver cell, skin cell etc...

Where are the genes?

genes are something you are born with and is passed down through genration to generation for exampe if your mom and dad have brown hair you will 100% have brown hair if your m (MORE)

What to genes do?

Genes, or genetic material, are basically instructions encoded in DNA for building cells in an organism. Genes code for many different traits like blood type, hair color, and (MORE)

What are genes and how do you get them?

genes is defined as " the functional unit of heredity responsible for the transmission of character to the progeny" it is present inside ur body in sex cell u cant get it ,it (MORE)

What is gene-?

Geni is a specially designed website that helps people map out thegenealogy and family tree.