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What are the goal of general education courses?

The idea is to be "well-rounded" before pursuing those specialties you actually want to know and that interest you. A few of such courses can be waved in college. In some rega (MORE)

What are general education classes?

Those would be the basic courses that you build on toward your degree. Usually, you take them in the first two years of college: English, Biology or other science; history, yo (MORE)

What is an associate's degree in general education?

Answer . If I understand correctly - it is a 2 year program that helps provide a basis of education from a general standpoint. It would not focus on a subject or age grou (MORE)

What was the development of physical education?

A brief history of physical education in the United States would  kick off in the nineteenth century. There was growing popularity of  formal physical  education programs (MORE)

Roles of physical education in general education?

Physical education, having an important role in general education. Physical education class is just one avenue during a school day that provides the opportunity for physical a (MORE)

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