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What are electricity generators?

Electricity generators are devces that make electricity. They are the primary way that different forms of energy (chemical, nuclear, gravitational etc) are converted into elec (MORE)
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How is the electricity for electric cars generated?

There are many ways to generate electricity for an electric car, which is what makes them so convenient when compared to gas cars. Reasonable methods 1. Electricity can be (MORE)

How do you generate electricity?

There are many ways to get electricity. Batteries are one form, outlets another. But if you want to generate your own electricity, you can use pedal or hand-powered generators (MORE)

How do electrical companies store electricity?

They don't. Power is always being used somewhere, and the  electrical systems are connected all over the country.   Answer   There is no direct means of storing elect (MORE)

Where do electric companies produce their electricity?

Most electric companies produce their electricity in centralized locations, which are commonly referred to as power plants. These power plants can run off a variety of fuels: (MORE)
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How is electricity generated?

Electricity generation is based on the principle of electromagneticinduction, a scientific law that was discovered by Britishscientist Michael Faraday and American scientist J (MORE)

How do they generate Electricity?

Some people can check on how their electricity is being generated by using a magnet on their conductor. While electricity can also be safely generated by placing two unique co (MORE)
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Can electricity generate electricity from itself?

Yes, a simple example would be a transformer that converts one  current and voltage to a different combination of current and  voltage. It must be remembered however that in (MORE)