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What is the purpose of magnets in electric generators?

They produce a magnetic field. The moving wires cut this field, producing electricity according to Maxwell's equations. Theoretically the wires could be held still and the mag (MORE)

Can you generate electricity from propeller shaft?

It is possible to generate electricity from a propeller shaft as the fristion waves travell across it, it will generate a minute amount. for it to generate better the inside n (MORE)
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What are electricity generators?

Electricity generators are devces that make electricity. They are the primary way that different forms of energy (chemical, nuclear, gravitational etc) are converted into elec (MORE)

How does a hydro electric dam generate electricity?

A hydro dam works by taking the energy of water flow and convertingit into an electric voltage. The water is regulated through aseries of water turbines. The water flows throu (MORE)
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How is the electricity for electric cars generated?

There are many ways to generate electricity for an electric car, which is what makes them so convenient when compared to gas cars. Reasonable methods 1. Electricity can be (MORE)

Does an electric company have to buy electricity that is produced?

  If it produces its own electricity, then no. If it doesn't have its own power plant, then it has to buy power from someone who does. Sometimes, if power demands are high (MORE)
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How is electricity generated?

Electricity generation is based on the principle of electromagnetic  induction, a scientific law that was discovered by British  scientist Michael Faraday and American scien (MORE)
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Can electricity generate electricity from itself?

Yes, a simple example would be a transformer that converts one  current and voltage to a different combination of current and  voltage. It must be remembered however that in (MORE)
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How does electricity generate magnetism?

A flow of electric current creates a surrounding swath of magnetic flux. This flux will mingle with and surround the current flow. If the current is bent by say winding a wire (MORE)

Who invented the electric generator?

The electric generator was first made in 1790 by a man named Aloisio Galvani. Over the years, scientists improved the practical and theoretical parts of the equipment. In 1831 (MORE)