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Is it okay to feed your cat generic cat food?

Yes if it wasn't OK to give to your cat the shop wouldn't sell it. Another Answer To expand on the first answer - yes, "generic" cat isn't necessarily harmful, as long as it (MORE)

How generic engineering can improve food supplies?

Genetic engineering can help farmers be more productive by making plants that withstand herbicides and pesticides, have shorter growing seasons, and are more hearty. However, (MORE)

What are the three general classifications of the food service industry?

There are actually 4 classes of the food service industry. They are: Class I - Serves prepackaged foods that do not have to be prepared, other than possibly heating and servi (MORE)

Why is chicken in general a potentially hazardous food?

Chicken is a potentially dangerous food because all chicken naturally carry a disease called salmonella. Unless the chicken is stored correctly in the suitable temperatures, (MORE)