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Who started General Motors?

Ronald Q Hastlar, was the first man to open a full running general motors factory in Detroit Michigan. It opened in 1938 heading into the great depression but is still one of (MORE)

What is the General Motors diet plan?

General Motors: Weight Loss Diet Program . The following diet and health program was developed for employees and dependents of General Motors, Inc. and is intended for their (MORE)

Is First General Motors car owned by General Motors?

No Buick and Durant built Cars with the McLaughlin Family in Canada and then started a Holding Company called General Motors in 1908 General Motors up until 1915 was run by Ba (MORE)

Can a motor be a generator?

Absolutely. In fact, they are quite the same thing. It all depends on whether or not the device is supplying power to a system (a generator) or power is being applied to the d (MORE)

Who owns General Motors now?

GM is owned by: United States Department of the Treasury (61%)United Auto Workers Union Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (17.5%)Canada Development Investment Corpor (MORE)

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Can a generator be a motor?

Usually, yes! You will need some kind of variable/low voltage supply (recommended either of those 2) and slowly turn up the voltage. If you notice it moving, then it will work (MORE)