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What is a generalist?

A generalist is a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none __________________________________________________________________ The opposite of specialist, a generalist is said t (MORE)

Are dogs generalists?

  i think so they r bcoz if they r not then how can they no abt the person who r killed or mudered etc....... so they r so sensitive n they can use they brain any where th (MORE)
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What is contrast generalist?

  its something when a mommy contrast generalist does bonding with the daddy contrast generalist and they then form a baby contrast generalist and so forth =D
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Is a liger a generalist or a specialist?

Apart from species in which an animal lives in a group and every  member has a specific job, the animal kingdom doesn't really have  generalists or specialists. Ligers are e (MORE)

What is the Generalist approach?

The Generalist approach usually applies to the generalist theory of social work in Canada, which has a backing in systems theory. Basically, it is the study of multiple system (MORE)
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Is the tuatara generalist or specialist?

The tuatara, a highly endangered lizard of New Zealand, is a specialist. A specialist is a species which survives on a fairly limited diet or is restricted to a particular l (MORE)
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What is a broad generalist?

A person who is knowledgeable in many fields of study. Broad  generalists are usually SMEs on one or more topics, and can advise  on many other topics within a discipline, a (MORE)