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What are the generations of computer?

First Generation Computers - Computers made out of Vaccum  Tubes   Second Generation Computers - Computers made out of  Transistors   Third Generation Computers - Co (MORE)

What is a generator?

A generator is an electrical machine that produces electricity. It  must be turned by a prime mover that can be an internal combustion  engine (driven, usually, by diesel oi (MORE)

What is a definition for generators and types of generators?

A generator is an electrical machine used to produce electricity in homes and in commercial buildings. It transform kinetic energy to electrical and driven through diesel oil (MORE)

What is Tacho generator?

Taco generator is the one which is attached to the shaft of big rotating machine to find out its speed. It converts the the rpm in to voltage i.e. the voltage generated in the (MORE)

What rhymes with general?

Mineral   Federal   Literal    For a list of many more words that rhyme with general, see the  related link below.
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What are generations?

A generation is the decade you were born in. The word generation can be used in a sentence as: My generation is the 1980s.   A generation is also the length of time, on ave (MORE)

What is alternation of generation?

It is a type of life cycle found in some algae, fungi, and all plants where an organism alternates between a haploid (n) gametophyte generation and a diploid (2n) sporophyte g (MORE)

What is general hygiene?

Following parts comes in general hygiene Mouth Care Food particles in the mouth decay and cause bacteria to develop, leaving a bad odour to a person's breath. These bacter (MORE)
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How does a generator generate energy?

A generator forces electric charges to move through an external electrical circuit, but it does not create electricity or charge, which is already present in the wire of its w (MORE)