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What is Generation Me?

Answer . \nGeneration Me is a reference to the current generation of global villagers who are so-so concerned themselves that they have almost no care for others, or even ( Full Answer )
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What is generativity?

Generativity refers to the capacity ('ability') of all natural languages to generate (create) an infinite number of sentences using a finite set of rules and a finite lexicon ( Full Answer )
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What is a generator?

A generator is an electrical machine that produces electricity. Itmust be turned by a prime mover that can be an internal combustionengine (driven, usually, by diesel oil or g ( Full Answer )
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What is a generation?

\nA generation is the decade you were born in. The word generation can be used as: My generation is the 1980s.
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What is generalization?

A generalization is a statement about several things or people *clue words to identify generalization * Valid generalization: fact support or prove and (true) generali ( Full Answer )
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What is a generalization?

Making a general statement/assumption about a specific group. ex. Teenagers are irresponsible. You are making a generalization because you are making ageneral assumption that ( Full Answer )
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What are generations?

A generation is the decade you were born in. The word generation can be used in a sentence as: My generation is the 1980s.. A generation is also the length of time, on averag ( Full Answer )
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What is a generic?

A generic drug is identical or bioequivalent to a brand name drugin dosage form safety,strength or route of administrationquality,performance,characteristics and intended use ( Full Answer )
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How do you get general?

Could you be more specific please. Is this a movie, game, or something else. Thanks.
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Who does a general answer to?

There may be other general officers of higher rank above him, Eventually, the senior general of a military force (in the US) answers to his boss- the President of the United S ( Full Answer )