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Who was genesis?

The word 'genesis' means beginning or origin. So, the Book of Genesis contains the Hebrew traditions about the origins of the world and of their people. There was nobody call (MORE)

Who is Eliezer in Genesis?

'Eliezer of Damascus' appears to have been a servant in Abraham's household that was to have inherited Abraham's estate as permitted by law in the absence of a natural heir. (MORE)

How does this samal genesis?

Samal Genesis In the beginning, when there were no creatures yet, there was only the sea. Floating on this sea was a thing resembling a ball. This was the abode of God the (MORE)

Who are the antagonist of Genesis?

Well first of all there is Satan, who tempted Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. Then there is Eve who tempted Adam to also eat of the forbidden fruit. Next is Cain who ki (MORE)

Where is Genesis?

Genesis is found in the Jewish and Christian bible and it is the first book in both.
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Who was genesis written to?

Genesis was originally written to the Jewish people by their great leader Moses, to tell them their history and the history of mankind. But Genesis is also written for our b (MORE)

What year did Phil Collins leave the band Genesis?

Phil collins actually left genesis in 1993 but it wasnt made public for several years. The last genesis album was released in 1991
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What is the Sega Genesis?

It was a console released by SEGA in 1989 and the first console to  have Sonic the Hedgehog on it. I own one myself!
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