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Who was genesis?

The word 'genesis' means beginning or origin. So, the Book of Genesis contains the Hebrew traditions about the origins of the world and of their people. There was nobody call (MORE)

What does Genesis mean?

Genesis means: "Beginning" the first book of the bible ------ additional info: While the answer above is correct, the word Genesis means the beginning of something or ho (MORE)

What is Genesis about?

It's about origins. Not only in the sense of creation but also about Abraham, who is known as the Father of all Nations. It's also about the origin of the Christian religion, (MORE)

What is Genesys?

Genesys Laboratories is an Alcatel Lucent (ALU) subsidiary company. It provides the world's number one contact centre integration software. The Solution packages combine mid (MORE)

How did Genesis get its name?

In Hebrew, the name Genesis means 'in the beginning' and in the Greek it means 'origin.' Being the first book of the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament, it is appropriat (MORE)

Where is Genesis?

Genesis is found in the Jewish and Christian bible and it is the first book in both.
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What about Genesis?

Genesis is the first book of both the Jewish and Christian Bibles.  It's name in the Greek means origin. This book tells us where we as  humans came from.    Starting (MORE)

What is about genesis?

Genesis is the first book in the Bible. It cointains the origins of the planet, the animals and men according to the Bible. The narrative runs from the creation of the world t (MORE)

Who is Jesus in Genesis?

Jesus was not directly mentioned in Genesis.According to the my understanding,the king of Salem,Melchizedek,has the same characteristic with Jesus.Look up Genesis 14:18-24 in (MORE)