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What carries the genetic code?

The genetic code of organisms is carried by the DNA or  deoxyribonucleic acid. It is inherited by children from their  parents. The genetic code is carried by the DNA molecu (MORE)
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What determines an organism's genetic code?

The genetic code of an organism is a set of rules carried on the DNA that code for functional products (i.e. proteins). This is determined by the sequence of nucleotides of th (MORE)
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What are the codons in a genetic code?

A codon is a set of 3 nucleotides which code for an amino acid. There are a few special codons which represent stop and start too.
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Why genetic code is comma-less?

When a gene is translated into a polypeptide, the codons (each made up of three sequential bases) are sequential on the mRNA.  There are no extra bases between the codons, ev (MORE)

The genetic code is universal but what does this mean?

this means that the same genetic code that is used in humans is used in all other types of organisms as well. anything from animals to plants to bacteria uses the same system (MORE)

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