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What is a genet?

Genets are small mammals that live in Europe, and Africa. They are considered pests because when they hunt their small prey, they leave the head cause they mostly eat the body (MORE)

Ompare and contrast genetic fingerprints and regular fingerprints?

"Fingerprints" are impressions made by the ridge detail on your fingers. "Genetic fingerprints" is a term usually used to refer to identification methods such as DNA. Fingerpr (MORE)

What is in a fingerprint?

A fingerprint is the mark that the ridges of your finger leave when applied to a surface. The easiest way to record your fingerprint is by applying ink to your finger and then (MORE)
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Why is DNA referred to as your genetic fingerprint?

DNA is referred to as your genetic fingerprint, because of the fact that is unique to you and no other person; just like a fingerprint. DNA possess' the information that deter (MORE)

What is the genetic?

There is no such thing as "the genetic", but genetics are the things that make up every living thing. Human genetics were all mapped in a project called the human genome proje (MORE)

What are fingerprints?

A fingerprint is something that can be used identifies a person. variation in human is the pattern of ridges in the skin of the finger prints

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