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Is alcoholism genetically-determined or environmentally-determined?

Answer . I think that alcoholism is an illness and diseased condition that is Genetical but your parents may still not be sufferers...there are certain traits that make an (MORE)
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How is the genetic code determined?

The genetic code is determined by the specific sequence of fournucleotide bases that make up DNA. The bases are guanine, adenine,thymine, and cytosine.
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How are genetic traits determined?

Genetic traits are determined based on the genes an individualinherits from his parents. All an individual's genes determines hisgenotype, while factors such as dominance and (MORE)
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What is genetic determinism?

Genetic determinism refers to the degree that inherited traits affect the expression of a particular behavior or condition. Eye color, for example, is determined 100% genetica (MORE)
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What determines an organism's genetic code?

The genetic code of an organism is a set of rules carried on the DNA that code for functional products (i.e. proteins). This is determined by the sequence of nucleotides of (MORE)
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Is schizophrenia determined by genetics?

Not completely. Research has indicated that while many people carry genes associated with a high possibility of manifesting schizophrenia symptoms, many people never develop a (MORE)
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Is gender determined by genetics or the environment?

It depends on various chromosones etc. but i think its genetics. itcan be influenced by environmental stuff though. Answer : Studies have indicated that waste phrmaceuticals (MORE)