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Is genetically modified food beneficial?

Genetically modified foods are beneficial to the companies that create and patent GMO varieties, and evidently to farmers who grow GMO crops and companies who use GMO ingredie (MORE)

How can you test a food to find out if it contains material derived from a genetically modified organism -GMO?

This can be done many ways. One is using an antibody-based test such as the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), which can detect the proteins that are produced by GM cr (MORE)

Who discovered genetically modified organisms and when?

No one discovered genetically modified organisms. Such organisms are created by people working in laboratories. In 1953 it was discovered that DNA is the material that carrie (MORE)

Are organic or genetically modified foods healthier?

In the big picture organic is healthier. Pesticides are not good for you. Stays in your body for longer time and does not break down in soil as quickly as the bio-engineers sa (MORE)

Are genetically modified organisms good for our environment?

They can be. For example, we might wish to engineer genes into a crop to prevent it from spreading unchecked. Also, the improvements in crops that protect them from pests re (MORE)

What can we do about genetically modified food?

That depends on what you mean by "What can we do…" If you mean how  can we stop GMO foods or how can we avoid eating them, the answer  is simple. Stop buying foods that yo (MORE)

What genetic modified foods?

its a food where the genetic of it have been modified in laboratory to be able to survive differently exemple : you can grow apple where there is not enought rain or sun becau (MORE)