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What is genotype?

It is the genetic makeup of something, as opposed to the physical expression of the genes (phenotype). They are expressed in a pair of letters, usually, which are alleles. Th ( Full Answer )
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What are genotypes?

Genotype versus Phenotype Genotype is your specific gene for a certain Trait. lets say B was for Tall gene and b is for small gene. your Genotype to Tall could be BB or Bb yo ( Full Answer )
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What is genotype Cc?

The entire genetic identity of an individual including alleles or gene forms that do not show as outward characteristics. .
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What does genotype means?

The specific genetic makeup for a particular characteristic, e.g. you may have the Gb genotype for eye colour (G=Green, B=Brown)
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What is a genotypes?

A gene in the body or plant or animal etc, that can not be seen.
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What are the genotypes of a cow?

Genotype is the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism. Genotype effects on body temperature in dairy cows under grazing conditions in a hot climate inclu ( Full Answer )
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What is an XO genotype?

it means it has one gene from the dominant trait and one gene from the recessive trait
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How do you get the genotype of the phenotype?

The Genotype Delineation is like a snapshot of what is going on in Total in the Entire Chromosome Mass at one Time, while the Phenotype is completely and 'exclusively' the En ( Full Answer )
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What is a genotype composed of?

Genotype is the genetic make up of an organism both expressed (phenotype) and unexpressed. Example: AaeeDndn is the genotype which includes unexpressed (recessive) alleles a a ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between genotype and genotype?

Phenotype is the physical Characteristic that you can see. The genotype is the genetic information (the genes) that code for the proteins that cause the phenotype. Relativel ( Full Answer )