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What is a genuine person?

it means they are "Authentic", "Natural", "What you see is what you get" - they are honest about who they are and there isn't much to "figure out" about them.

How do you pronounce genuine?

The common US pronunciation is "JEN-yu-enn" or JEN-yu-inn (not the variant JEN-yu-WINE often used for effect). genuine = jen - u - ine

What is a genuine revelation?

A: A genuine revelation from God, against which there could be no possible dispute, would be one in which the revelation: . is unambiguous - it can only have one meaning, (MORE)

Is myeasycashbiz genuine?

Cash never comes easy, sites like are not genuine at all. If you ever see an ad that says you have to hand over a small amount of money to make more money alarm (MORE)
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Is wazzub genuine?

No it is not genuine. If you do an internet search form "WAZZUB scam" you will find more than enough evidence that WAZZUB is a scam. The people involved in it are connected (MORE)

How do you activate genuine?

You need to install a new clean copy of Widows 7 to your computer. Clean copies of Windows 7 should have activation keys as well as product keys included in the box. While ins (MORE)