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What is genuine love?

  Genuine love is an undiscribable feeling. It is a butterflies in stomach,all you can think about,all you can dream about kind of feeling.It is one of the greatest feeli (MORE)

What is a genuine diamond?

A genuine diamond is a natural stone that has been mined, graded, cut and polished, which results in its becoming a gemstone.
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What is a genuine person?

it means they are "Authentic", "Natural", "What you see is what you get"   - they are honest about who they are and there isn't much to "figure out" about them.
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How do you pronounce genuine?

The common US pronunciation is "JEN-yu-enn" or JEN-yu-inn (not the variant JEN-yu-WINE often used for effect). genuine = jen - u - ine
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What is the German word for genuine?

English "genuine" in German is :-   as regards authenticity "echt"   In the context of being truthful it is "aufrichtig"
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Genuine option by William James?

Genuine option - "we may call an option a genuine option when it is of the forced, living, and momentous kind"
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Is eiilm university fake or genuine?

thisis agood university.i never seen this type of university.and i have already do bcom in this univeristy and now i got a job in dell compamy in hyderabad.this is good univer (MORE)

What does genuine mean?

genuine means an original product that may have been product of a by gone age the term genuine would refer to the origonal product a replica or copy would be made in the recen (MORE)

How do you distinguish genuine gold jewelry?

  417 is 10k   585 is 14k   725? is 18k   925 on gold (usually gold plated silver but can be on gold itself) Means 925 of 1000 parts whatever the halmark is to st (MORE)