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What is a genus?

A genus is a low-level taxonomical rank that groups together closely-related species. These closely-related species have a common ancestor.

What is the genus?

Are you referring to the genus of a certain organism, or are you just referring to what a genus is? If you are referring to the definition of Genus, it is the second to the mo (MORE)

What is the dragonflies genus?

There is no single genus for all of them. Dragonflies belong to the suborder Anisoptera , which is then divided into different families, and then into different genera, and f (MORE)

What is a genus crotalus?

It is the genus of snakes that contains almost all of the known rattlesnakes, minus the rattlesnakes of the genus Sistrurus.
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What genus are crabs?

It depends on the type of crab. For example, fiddler crabs are of the genus Uca (Ocypodidae). And the blue crab is in the genus Chionoecetes.