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What is a genus of a worm?

    It is impossible to answer this question, because there are hundreds of thousands of species of creatures that are referred to as "worms" in over a dozen different (MORE)
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What genus is the ape?

There is no specific genus that refers to all apes. Apes belong to Superfamily Hominoidea. Within Hominoidea, there are eight extant genera, four of which belong to Lesser Ape (MORE)
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What is the genus of the tapeworm?

The genus of tapeworm is Taenia. It is commonly abbreviated simply as T. when referring to one of the various species. There are over a thousand different species of tapeworm. (MORE)

What is the genus of a hamster?

The Syrian Hamster comes from the genus called Mesocricetus. All dwarf hamsters comes from the genus Phodopus. The European Hamster comes the genus Cricetus.
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What is a genus octopi?

It is a type of octopus. genus- ranking below a family and above a species and generally consisting of a group of species. octopi- scientific name for octopus
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