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What is faulty construction?

As far as I known, faulty construction is some kind of project that  is made of poor quality construction material. But if you've ever  seen HPL material, which can be used (MORE)

What is a 3 cent Coast and Geodetic Survey stamp worth?

Scott Number 1088 Minimal value for this stamp indicates that the cost is in packaging and tracking and not the stamp itself. A dealer isn't going to be interested in purch (MORE)

Importances of construction management in construction?

The importance of construction management in construction is to eliminate higher costs and to eliminate any delay as well as value engineering. Depending on the size of your c (MORE)

What is geodetic engineer?

A geodetic engineer is a person who gathers physical data upon the surface of the earth using precision instruments and also process the information in a scientific and method (MORE)
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What is geodetic survey?

A survey of a large area of land in which corrections are made to account for the curvature of the Earth.

What is meant by geodetic datum and how does it relate to the origin in a rectangular coordinate system?

A geodetic datum is information used by satellite-based navigation systems and cartographers to translate positions indicated on their products to their real position on Earth (MORE)