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Where is Geoffrey Chaucer buried?

Geoffrey Chaucer was buried at Westminster Abbey in London.His burial section is called the Robert Browning, Charles Dickens, Thomas (MORE)

Did geoffrey chaucer have any children?

He apparently had two sons and two daughters. Their names were Thomas Chaucer, Lewis Chaucer, Elizabeth Chaucer (Chaucy) and Agnes Chaucer. As a result of the limited availabl (MORE)

What did Geoffrey Chaucer do?

Geoffrey Chaucer was a Fourteenth century English poet who wrote beautiful verses including the famous Canterbury Tales, Troilus And Crisseyde, etc. At a time when the English (MORE)

How did Geoffrey Chaucer die?

Chaucer died in a bar room brawl under suspicious circumstances. He was stabbed above the left eye. Some believe he may have been a spy for the Privy Council. I believe he was (MORE)

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Did Geoffrey Chaucer go to jail?

No. He was and remained through all of his life a highly respected  public figure, a high public servant as well as a much-admired  writer and poet. He only was held captive (MORE)